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CTA Interviews Sherry Lee, Candidate for Palm Beach County Commissioner

August 26th, 2010 9:15 PM by Sherry Lee

It's hard to say who is more upset and frustrated in Palm Beach County today. Taxpayers, for the corruption and waste on the Board of County Commissioners, or teachers for the waste and mismanagement on the School Board. Either way, the people who matter in our community are hopping mad and we are doing something about it. The November elections promise a shake up in the political establishment not seen in two decades in Palm Beach County.

The Classroom Teachers Association took the highly unusual step today of interviewing for possible endorsement candidate Sherry Lee. Endorsement or not, this sends a clear signal to her opponent, a 16 year school board member, that they are ready for new leadership.

The County Commission can keep giving hundreds of millions of dollars to big corporations to get them to come here and create jobs, but without quality education and a low cost of living, they will not stay. Our priorities have got to be put in order and balance restored before the economic engine of this county will fire on all cylinders. Communities that focus on education and a sustainable cost of living create a far more attractive environment for more people and businesses to thrive, thereby generating a vibrant and diverse economy and quality of life. 

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Posted by Sherry Lee on August 26th, 2010 9:15 PM



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