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Government Money Grab is Blatant and Shameful

January 2nd, 2010 12:36 PM by Sherry Lee

The game has changed and 'we the people' no longer have the power to control the spending of our elected officials. Here in Palm Beach County, FL, we have had rampant over development and over taxation where every government agency doubled or tripled it's revenue based on artificially inflated housing values over the past decade. 

Only now, after several years of declining real estate values, have we begun to see any pull back. And any minimal cuts these agencies make are done with great reluctance.  So the bottom has fallen out of the wider economy, but governments are putting their foot on the gas.

How does this make any sense if the people who have to pay for their government through fees and taxes are broke?

Many government sympathizers will argue that governments have to fill the void and keep money flowing when the private sector pulls back. And that all those government jobs need to be saved.  But in reality, the private sector produces revenue for government and therefore, the private sector should lead. If the private sector pulls back, governments should as well.

If you lose your job or your pay gets cut, you don't spend all your savings and then charge up the credit cards. Sure, some do out of necessity. But it is not wise. And yet this is exactly what our government is doing. Every level from your local police department right on up to the federal level. 'They' are not conceding that they need to cut back. And they need to get out of the way. Instead, they are doing the opposite. More fees, more taxes, more regulation and more interference in our day to day lives. Because that is how they make money - off of the private sector productivity. Sort of like the Mafia. And it feels like a shake down too. Doesn't it?

If you lost your job and now you are losing your home to foreclosure, the city still wants to fine you for an overgrown lawn or peeling paint. And chances are, that same municipality has been over charging you for property taxes for about 10 years already, heaping on the mortgage and insurance scam that has emptied your pockets in the first place. Oh but we have to save the jobs in that marble-lined city hall that we borrowed money to build....

When is it ever going to be enough? 

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Posted by Sherry Lee on January 2nd, 2010 12:36 PM



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