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October 7th, 2007 5:06 PM by Sherry Lee

I thought commissioners McCarty and Marcus were a bit more flexible until I saw how they caved in to County Administrator, Bob Weisman's suggestion, dismissing the previous decision to return some of the slush fund to the tax payer. Then saw the article about Marcus under investigation.  She ducked a bullet but where there's smoke . . . I can only hope they all go down in flames, real soon.  Commissioner Aaronson is a one note jerk, Commissioner Koons might be well meaning but out of touch and Commissioner Santamaria is obviously all caught up in his ego.  There's not enough to say about Commissioner Greene.  Got a condescending note from her early on when I sent emails to the commissioners about the tax disparity .  She's way too big for her britches.  Maybe an ongoing investigation of this crew would allow more excellent appointees like Commissioner Kanjian.  Otherwise their method of taking our money to give to "their" constituents will get them elected time and again.  There are so many things to be livid over. Their pretense not to understand what the problem was finally shot down, at the last meeting Santamaria conceded he understood the market was artificially inflated but stopped at recognizing that the taxes were based on artificial values and that they spent that artificial ill gotten gain and continue to do so, leaving us stuck with higher taxes than the value of our homes support or ability to pay, with the biggest thief, Addie Greene, proclaiming it as HER money.  It's unheard of having civil servants getting higher salaries than the private sector and bonuses are appropriate in a revenue generating business.  Salaries and bonuses are based on how much money a company makes - if a year is bad there are no raises or bonuses, even at Goldman Sachs.  Government does not fall into that category.  Greene really DOES think our money is hers.
We should send emails to Kanjian to give our support if he wants to proceed with trying to get the future voting non-partisan through petition.  That could be the impetus to dislodge some of these archaeological wonders.  He was totally double crossed on that they same way they undermine him at every turn. 
Even the people who get "their programs" don't see that it is the commissioners who are getting the most, in their salary, bonuses, new buildings to house their IS dept.  or their ridiculous decisions, giving almost $130 million to entice pharmaceutical companies to come here for 135 jobs, not 2000 or 10,000 but 135.  That's almost $1 million per person.  We could send them a generous check each year without ever showing up and do better than what they did.  Their incompetence is only surpassed by their arrogance and greed.
We need to harass our legislators before they rewrite that bill to include all entities - all non SOH realty owners;  investors and business inclusive; make it transportable and hold a cap on increases between 3 - 4% (since we can't trust these creeps). 
To preserve essential services (which shouldn't include 3 libraries for each small town) a more equitable distribution of obtaining revenue should be found with a 1% tax on RE sales, increased sales tax, and allowing casinos from which they get a percentage of income.  I'm sure there is more as long as it's an across the board collection rather than focusing on a small percentage of Floridians.
What do you think?

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Posted by Sherry Lee on October 7th, 2007 5:06 PM



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