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Sherry Lee Speaks Against Increased Property Assessment

June 29th, 2010 12:24 AM by Sherry Lee

West Palm Beach, June 28, 2010  9:00 am
Sherry Lee, Candidate for Palm Beach County Commissioner District Two (Jeff Koons is term limited), has written a letter and sent it to representatives in Florida and Washington, DC asking that they suspend the Jones Act. 
In her letter she states, "The Jones Act exists to protect American vessels from foreign owned competing vessels in our waters. It seems some of these other countries have substantial experience in oil spill blocking and containment. Yet, at more than sixty days in, we have refused all offers of help. I am calling on you to initiate legislative action to immediately suspend the Jones Act, and to the strongly urge the Obama Administration to seek help from any nation that has something constructive to offer." 
Sherry Lee is encouraging every Floridian to do the same.  "Those vessels should already be here setting up barriers," she says. "We need to act now if we are going to have a chance at saving our coast."
Gabriela Gosline, Campaign Public Relations
Sherry Lee for Palm Beach County Commissioner District 2
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Posted by Sherry Lee on June 29th, 2010 12:24 AM



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