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The Five Stages of a Collapsing Society

April 2nd, 2009 6:22 PM by Sherry Lee

STAGE 1. As long as the economy is thriving and you have freedom and are not over taxed, life can be good.

Here are your most important assets today:



Health Insurance

Home Value

Automobile Image

Credit Rating for Debt Accumulation

STAGE 2. The economy goes into a prolonged decline, which we have been experiencing for the past 2 years.

Here are your most important assets:


Precious Metals, which you might want to sell now

Elimination of debt

Job Stability

Health Insurance

Home Equity

Automobile with good MPG

STAGE 3. The economy begins to collapse after a significant prolonged decline, which we are experiencing right now.

Here are your most important assets:





Short term food supplies

Survival know-how

Rural property

Small livestock- chicken, rabbit, fish

and a bulk supply of long-term heirloom vegetable seeds

STAGE 4. The economy collapses, the shelves go empty in one week, the government suspends the Constitution and we become a police state. This can come at any time after Stage 3. Society falls into chaos.

Here are your most important assets:

Guns and ammo

Survival knowledge

Short term food supplies (1 year)

Rural hideaway or rural property

Trained survival dog

water filter system

Survival gardening method know-how

Heirloom garden seeds for long-term food

You no longer can sell gold, you can no longer buy gasoline for your vehicle, you will be forced from your home and health care is no longer available, and of course your job is a memory. You will experience what it’s like to live in a third world country at war.

STAGE 5. War between freedom fighters and government forces break out nationwide, and starvation becomes common. Government offers food and water and shelter in exchange for chip implantation and enslavement.

Here are your most important assets:

1. Survival skills

2. Patriot gardening so your food will never be stolen

3. water filter system so you will never be thirsty

4. heirloom seeds for long term food and barter

5. Guns and the ability to use them

6. Survival dog

7. Willpower and tenacity

Priorities change as the world changes. Your most prized assets - home, good credit, car, job and health care are no longer important.

Article by Big Sister at Prepare University

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Posted by Sherry Lee on April 2nd, 2009 6:22 PM



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