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The Purpose of Unions

March 3rd, 2011 10:57 PM by Sherry Lee

By G. Blumel

Private sector unions have destroyed whole industries and even whole cities –look at Detroit. With restrictive, inefficient work and seniority rules and high pay and benefits not adjusted for market cycles, recessions or onerous government regulations they have made private companies uncompetitive in the world markets. Their purpose used to be to fight for safe working conditions and higher pay for members but have since deteriorated to dues collectors for the Dem party.

Government “worker” unions have only one purpose from the very beginning: transfer money from taxpayers to the Dem Party through the union dues. Without this huge steady flow from union dues to politicians we would not be suffering today from unlimited government spending and borrowing. A free people would not vote to put themselves under such a giant bureaucracy that kills innovation, investment and ultimately, prosperity. But we don’t get a choice of who to vote for as entrenched career politicians overflowing with union money discourage competition from limited government candidates who can’t match the union money and other advantages of incumbency. Unions also provide manpower (usually thugs) at election times. You know all the other reasons that unions are a negative factor in our freedoms and prosperity.

What to do about it? First, there obviously should be no such thing as government employee unions. Private sector unions should be by choice of the workers –we need more states to adopt right-to-work laws. Hard to accomplish when you have career pols owing their jobs to union money –they will not allow those reforms. One reform that is crucial to any chance of restoring the Republic with limited, Constitutional government again is term limits on Congress. The President is limited to eight years; most governors are limited as are many state legislatures and other county and municipal offices. All with positive results. Sen. Jim DeMint has proposed a constitutional amendment to limit House terms to three (six years) and Senate to two (12 years). If you want to help gather support for that amendment please go here and sign a petition:

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Posted by Sherry Lee on March 3rd, 2011 10:57 PM



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